Author C.W. Lemoine

C.W. Lemoine is the author of the military/espionage thriller novels The Spectre Series. He has flown the F-16, F/A-18, and currently flies the 737-800 for a Legacy U.S. Airline. Visit his website and sign up for his newsletter at: | Facebook | Twitter |

Military Pilot Shortage: Story Time

Pilot Shortage: Story Time


As you look at your options, you realize that the military doesn’t care about you. You’re just a number. Time to look out for your family. You hang up that G-suit and head to the airlines.

Fighters Saying Goodbye to the F/A-18

Saying Goodbye to the F/A-18: My Fini Flight


“This is it,” I said with a nervous sigh as we walked into the briefing room. I had done this song and dance once before in the F-16, only then I knew I was transitioning from one capable, badass fighter to another. This time was different.

Military LSV_RF16-1_64AGRS_F16C_Blizzard

Red Air: Training To Keep The Edge Sharp!


Whether you call it Red Air, Adversary Air (ADAIR), Aggressors, Contract Red Air, or OPFOR, these experienced fighter pilots simulate aircraft and tactics from potential threat countries to give our frontline fighters the best training experience possible.