We are proud to announce the creation of this brand-new undertaking in aviation media, and we are beyond excited to share it with you: At The Merge—Where People, Aviation and Technology Meet.

Our efforts are dedicated to being a premiere online resource which celebrates the passion, excitement, and innovation in the flying world. We are set to break new editorial and feature ground, setting us apart from other websites which currently occupy this market space. We have made promoting the growth, opportunity, and excitement in aviation our mission. All our contributors have extensive experience in both print and online media, with a body of work featured in very well-known outlets.

What happened, you ask? How did we end up here? Excellent questions, and I’ll take a moment to fill you in on what has gone on these past few months.

“There is an end to everything, to good things as well.”

That proverb is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet during the middle ages. The modern translation of that is, “All good things must come to an end.”

They did, and rather abruptly—though not unexpectedly. The guys and I were looking to take things in a different direction and get outside of the container we’d been relegated to, and it just didn’t work. It’s really that simple.

After departing our previous endeavor, where we’d spent almost two years cultivating, growing, and nurturing what became one of the more credible resources for aviation news and multi-media, we found ourselves looking ahead to our next opportunity, one where we are able to create our own path. We’ve gone a lot of places and have been a part of some incredibly cool things:

From producing the “Slapshot” paint scheme on the 20th Fighter Wing commander’s jet at Shaw AFB; to Large Force Employment exercises like Sentry Savannah, Sentry Eagle, and Red Flag; to being the first to get our eyes on the 173rd Fighter Wing’s 75th Anniversary flagship…and so much more.

As far as our previous venture is concerned, the numbers didn’t lie: at the time of our collective departure from the other website last June, we had amassed 40,000 fans on Facebook, more than 41,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 2,400 followers on Twitter. As far as Instagram goes, out of the 950+ posts, all but ten of those images were taken by us. That’s something to be proud of—and we are.

Not just anyone can show up to a venue with a camera to take pictures of airplanes, or hop into the back seat of a modern fighter aircraft, and expect to enjoy the amount of success we have. It takes a lot of talent, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. There were a lot of very long days and short nights, but the rock-solid belief in what we were doing pushed us forward.

The overwhelming majority of feedback we received in the past two years was very positive. And while a lot of that was directed at me, I can tell you this: I could not have done it without my team—Jason, Jonathan, Curt, Antonio, Cliff…the list goes on. All names you’ve seen before, and you’ll be seeing them again.

I have said it all along, and very publicly so: I have some of the very best and most credible contributors anywhere in aviation media. Any degree of success I enjoyed as the host and editor of that other site is probably more so theirs than it is mine. I am proud to be among them.

In closing, we appreciate you taking the time to stop by, and we’re counting on you all to help spread the word.

To shamelessly quote Thin Lizzy: “The Boys Are Back In Town!”



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